After obtaining degrees in both English and Fine Arts, I spent subsequent years putting my skills to good use desperately taking low-paying jobs with no creative outlet.

Eventually, I landed a super fun position as a seamstress (yeah, I made those awesome lightning bolt leggings) making elaborate dance costumes and worked my way up to general manager. During my twelve years at that company, I learned to juggle multiple projects and meet incredibly demanding deadlines (read: stage moms).

After relocating in 2012, I brushed off the sequins and decided to combine all my mad skills – writing, art, fashion, and consuming copious amounts of pop culture – into one fantastic freelance writing endeavor, and I never looked back! 


I’ve created content for xoJane and Hubspot, as well as a variety of blogs and lifestyle websites.

After writing every type of copy (A blog about how to pass the anesthesiology board exam? Yeah, that exists, and I did that.), I discovered that my best work is done in environments in which I’m allowed to fully unfurl my snark flag and blast out sarcasm like the Horn of Gondor.

When I’m not making myself laugh writing, you’ll find me creating pop culture-themed artwork, roller dancing in my Moxi roller skates, or testing the limits of my sewing and crafting abilities.